Bordello Dresses – Review

Cue the lights, pull back the curtains and prepare yourself for this bedazzling review of yet another Plastik masterpiece!

The Bordello Dresses are in my opinion one of the best examples of the talent that goes into making clothing in Second Life. Aikea Rieko provides us this time with a highly detailed and stunning new take on the micro-dress as it were. It highlights the best in feminine features while at the same time not trying to be too revealing. The combinations of colors and patterns make these dresses some of the most beautiful works of art on the web today and while they may look expensive they are actually quite affordable. These dresses come in an array of colors and designs and can be purchased separately or in a fat-pack for a modest price.


The main highlight of these dresses can be seen in the utilization of various patterns and styles while keeping each one set in it’s ways. It features a high cut bottom which comes up to the thigh area and shows just enough skin to be enticing. The design in the breast area perfectly mixes with the “pushed up” bra effect and can be seen in all it’s glory here. Each dress also features thin black straps that wrap over the shoulders and keep the design simple while still very elegant and sexy.

This product is the perfect addition to jeans as well as worn by itself or with stockings/pantyhose. It’s just the thing for an evening out at the club or a sensual candle-lit dinner for two. Alternatively if added to pants it can serve as a stylish casual ensemble for every day tasks such as chilling with your friends for cocktails or hosting a barbeque.

Overall, the Bordello Dresses are one of the most versatile and stylish additions to the Plastik’s inventory to date and are available for purchase at the shop located at:

The Plastik (SLurl)

Review by Iccarus Infinity, The Plastik Staff


~ by Aikea Rieko on November 12, 2009.

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