Astrid – Review

Space, the final frontier. Sci-fi themed clothing, the jump to lightspeed. In this review we take a look at the amazingly stylish and innovative ‘Astrid’ Jackets!

One can never be too stylish especially when in space and today we will go over the reasons why, and why you should wear Astrid while fighting off inter-galactic threats and saving mankind (or your respective kind) from certain doom! Enter deep space. You are a rogue agent who is poised to take control of a highly desired space-hub. You must be quick and stealthy, and to do that you will need to be fitted in the most flexible and aesthetically pleasing garb possible. You will find no better than the Plastik’s ‘Astrid’ jackets for women. Suited for subterfuge or direct combat scenarios, Astrid is designed to make you feel prepared for whatever comes your way, be it giant hulking insectoid aliens or lizard-men from the planet Knorrak, it is the perfect addition to any space-faring woman’s outfit.

Astrid Promo

The design itself is without a doubt a unique one and does not disappoint in any way. The high-collared short jacket brings out a sense of adventure in us, a feeling that is often missed by so many. It inspires us to explore the vastness of space and leave our shells, to go where no woman has gone before. It is tightly fitted to the flesh, showing off all the necessary skin so as to distract your male counterparts while leaving that shear mystery for those that would gaze upon your otherworldly beauty. The front features stylish floating straps that scream, “I’m here boys and I’m armed!”, wrapping around to the back where your designated ID is printed. The sleeves are medium length, designed to keep the fabric out of the way when you’re ready to fire.

The highlight of this design has to be, in my opinion, the collar and fabric design. The collar is carefully hand-sculpted, with the perfect amount of curves to give your eyeballs orgasms. The fabric itself is perfect down to every minute detail, showing vast realism in a world that is still truly lacking such things. Astrid is without a doubt the perfect piece to your sci-fi collection and no collection is complete without it. It comes in an array of colors and is priced for any buyer.

Astrid is perfect for the above tasks as well as other non sci-fi themes as well. The jacket compliments jeans, slacks, minis, and tights and can be used for just about any theme out there (besides medieval fantasy or Victorian goth).

This jacket is the affordable addition to you, so make it a part of everything you are today! Suit up, soldier!

Visit us at: The Plastik (SLurl) and get yours today!

Reviewed by Iccarus Infinity, The Plastik Staff


~ by Aikea Rieko on November 13, 2009.

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  1. Talia’s Favourite Item of clothing for the month ^.^
    I has the Olive and the Camo šŸ˜›

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