Aquamer Skins – Review

Under the sea and above the land comes a review about some fish-like women. Throw down a towel, plant an umbrella and relax by the beach as I go over the Aquamer female skins!

When we think of fish we often think of ugly, scaly beasts that smell funny. We also think of the sea and mermaids. Consider this: you are a fish, and a woman, and not a mermaid. You can breathe air or water, bathe in the sun or swim in the sea. You are an Aquamer, the elf of the seas! This time around our heroine, Aikea Rieko, shows us that even fish-people can be beautiful and unique snowflakes. Graceful to the core, our friendly neighborhood mer-person comes to us in full detail, ready to be worn around the house, the beach or in the water!


It is not often that we see an offering like this as SL content creators have a tendency to stray away from themed or fantasy skins. It is almost as if they are afraid to test new waters, but as we can see here the Plastik has once again broken the barriers on acceptable avatar beautification and a rebirth for those who would call themselves a fish loving sort of folk. You don’t have to love fish, or mermaids, or even know what the heck an Aquamer is to enjoy this skin though as it is for anyone looking for that often forgotten mythical beauty, something I feel we need a lot more of.

Based on the ‘Capucine’s Aquamer Race’ mod for TES IV: Oblivion, made by the great Capucine, these skins feature the full details in the way only the Plastik can recapture. The flesh itself is so well-detailed that you are certain to be uncertain if you’re gazing at a real Aquamer or a toon, and that is exactly the way it should be. The scales are perfectly placed to bring in the fishy effect and are seen in all the right spots. You will also notice that there are fish-like markings all along the body and they are very much akin to that of a real fish, or commonly seen on their mythical cousins the mermaids.

The best part about these skins is that they still capture that unique Plastik flame that sets our hearts and minds on fire. The beauty here is pure bliss when it comes to skins and every part of it is executed in such a way that it stays with you as a token for merely gazing upon it.

The Aquamer skins are featured in various colors and styles and can be purchased by themselves or in fat packs. The male versions will be out soon as well so look for my sub-review on them in the near future!

Visit us at: The Plastik (SLurl) and get yours today!

Reviewed by Iccarus Infinity, The Plastik Staff


~ by Aikea Rieko on November 14, 2009.

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