Vaelian Skins – Review

Finding the perfect skin for you in Second Life can be a daunting task and can end up being a failure, but if at first you don’t succeed try, try a Vaelian. Today I will discuss the Vaelian male skins and why they are the absolute must-have for guys around the grid.

Never before has the beauty of elves been captured so perfectly in a skin as with Vaelian. Aikea Rieko provides us this time with her first offering to males in the form of skins and has broken the ice with potential male customers by creating the perfect combination of male sensuality and masculinity. Those two words usually don’t come together in the same sentence but somehow, our lovely proprietor has managed to merge the two. Typically, I myself would stray away from anything elven in nature however I was struck so deeply by these skins that I had to have them all. It seems that this offering is a first for the Plastik, but a first for me as well. Of my 5 years in Second Life I have never been able to find a skin that would allow me to finally look the way I wanted, and finally I can.

Vaelian Elven Tones

As a vampire, I find Vaelian to suit my needs as well as the needs of my elf and demon side. These skins are made so well that I can literally use them for just about any theme I want and never get bored. With so many colors and styles to choose from I have already found myself overwhelmed by the quality and sometimes wonder if I am in fact dreaming. I like to pinch myself just to be sure, and sure enough it’s all quite real. The Plastik has without a doubt done the impossible-they have created the perfect male skin.

Now, you might be wondering, “Are they really as good as you say? How can you be sure?”, and to that I can say with absolute honesty that I have seen every offering of male skins out there to date and never before has there been something this well crafted. Most of the grid’s offerings for males give you heavily photo-sampled movie stars or super-models, sometimes even going as far as male pornstars, flaunting taped on genitals the likes of which have never been desired or overdone muscles bulging out of every crevice. Some are hairy, some are bald, but most have the worst stubble I have ever seen.

Bodyshot BoardCinder

The Vaelian skins highlight the mostly untouched softness of males, offering grace while still giving you that rugged edge. These skins are perfect for every activity you can imagine in SL and then some, with the exception of being a furry being of sorts. If you’re feeling like a vampire, try the ‘Angel’ shade. If you’re feeling like a red hot demon, why not try out the ‘Red Hot’ shade. Want to impress the ladies with your deep tan? Pull on ‘Rust’ and show off that bronzed body. The possibilities are endless my friends, so why not explore a new shade of yourself through the Plastik’s Vaelian collection?

Visit us at: The Plastik (SLurl) and get yours today!

Reviewed by Iccarus Infinity, The Plastik Staff


~ by Aikea Rieko on November 14, 2009.

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