Shredder Dresses/Tanks – Review

Mic check, 1, 2, 3… Are you ready to rock? Well then get ready for some rocktastic goodness with the Shredder tanks and dresses from the Plastik!

For many rock ‘n’ roll is an integral part of life. It inspires them to do some kickass things both in real life and virtual life. It can make us sing along when we’re happy or cheer us up when we’re down. Rock also inspires us to create, if we are in fact creators. In this case, it has inspired the Plastik to design something spectacular once again. Today I am featuring the Shredder tank tops and dresses, and as you can see they are nothing short of amazing. It always surprises me when I see these designs because with SL’s horrible avatar UVs it seems nearly impossible to create clothes that actually look like clothes (and yes, I am an accomplished texture artist/designer myself).

Many times I’ve been in clubs or “dance halls” in SL and of the many, there are very few rock/metal type clubs around. Usually when you go to these clubs you find either goth/vampires or your typical blingtard guys and gals. Both look somewhat out of place with their outlandish clothing and they never seem to capture the true feeling of the music through their fashion. Aikea Rieko seeks to change this by offering us the Shredder line of tops and minis, presented in a beautiful array of colors and intricate fabric designs. They are a unique addition to the scene and bring back some of the true flair to the music connoisseurs hovering around that good old rock and roll.

This time you are presented with two distinct choices which allow for many different ways to stun the folks around you. With the minis, and the addition of some high heels or laced stiletto boots you are exactly what the crowd is hoping to see at that big rock concert or VIP after party. Hanging with the band has never been sexier when in the company of a Shredder-clad lady. Alternatively the tanks are perfectly acceptable for smaller indie venues or drinks at a bar where a new band just happens to be playing. Either way, the choice is yours and whatever choice you make will be the right one when you pull on the Shredder…

My favorite part about the Shredder set is the front design that goes from the breast line all the way down to the thighs. The allure of the flesh between the threads is something that will make any guy freeze, think about his life and why you should be a part of it. Rest assured, while wearing the Shredder tanks or minis you are not required to settle for less. Try one on for size and see how much attention you’ll find yourself getting!

Visit us at: The Plastik (SLurl) and get yours today!

Reviewed by Iccarus Infinity, The Plastik Staff


~ by Aikea Rieko on November 22, 2009.

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  1. Great idea, thanks for this post!

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