The fingerprints skins have been a WIP of mine for a long time. Theyre finally done now!
they feature handprints all over the body, and come in 11 tones. the lionheart’s 6 natural tones, and 5 exotic colors!

The skins come with 6 makeups!

You get the Bare, Freckles, Cult, E vel, Shade, and Tribe Makeups.

Bare: Plain
Freckles: Plain eyes, Freckles
Cult: Dark Blue with dots and swirls
Evel: heavy eyeliner and cateye shade
Shade: Simple color shadow tone that goes with the skin tone
Tribe: Stripes on the eyes and in the middle of the lips.

Your Taxi! <3…


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~ by Aikea Rieko on June 29, 2010.

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